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Deformed tensor products in the theory of gravitation.

Guitare 400

A very short introduction (5 pages) on the topic. The aims of this document is to prove again that Einstein's theory of gravitation contains deformed tensor products; and the covariant version of the Lorentz law is not the unique example. I also introduce the very useful concept of Lagrangian in my approach. 

The Klein-Gordon Equation and the Extrinsic Method.

Freiburg 400

I propose a relooked version (v4) of an analysis of the Klein-Gordon equation in a full four-dimensional context.

Looking for a neutral element in E(4, H)

Freiburg400 300

... equipped with a deformed tensor product.

I think that this document may play an interesting pedagogical role, in that sense that it relatively clearly shows the interplay between mathematics (looking for a neutral element for a mathematical structure) and physics (discovering a plausible physical realization for this mathematical object).

This exploration also gives some hints on what the dark energy flow may eventually be: a strange kind of invisible light, opening a deep questioning on the concept of visibility.

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Le concept d'anti-commutativité.

Une remise à niveau d'un ancien document consacré au sujet.


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