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The théory of the (E) question

For historical reasons, I should first convince my own community with my theoretical proposal. This is why most of my work is written in the French language.

But, for pragmatic reasons, it is better to write in the English language if one is wanting to extend the size of the perimeter of the fans club.

For logical reasons, it is also necessary to resituate the work into a historical flow of researches. For unexplained reasons, I did not follow the path suggested by the logic.

Now, because of my age, I have plenty of time and do my best to put the car behind the cow.

Please discover the presentation of my proposal....

Pure mathematics only

Usually physics does not answer the fundamental question: “Why?” This discipline organizes its activity on a cyclic procedure starting with observations and/or experiments, measurements, analysis including comparisons with similar existing situations, guessing the underlying mathematical law describing at best the measurements, testing the accuracy of the guess (interval of confidence), sometimes suggesting an ontological explanation but, merely, new experiments or/and observations the purpose of which being the optimizing of the proposed law or/and the incorporation of more observations into a unique corpus. So, physics does answer the question: “How does it work?”

This way of doing is a well-recognized protocol to stop endless metaphysical or esoteric discussions. A now classical illustration of that affirmation is the polemic debate on the existence of a luminiferous aether to which Morley’s and Michelson’s experiment [01, 1887] opposed its concrete “do not discuss further” stop. As it is known, the Lorentz transformations are the underlying mathematical law describing at best this experimental evidence. They have been integrated into A. Einstein’s theory of special relativity. They explain the complementarity between electricity and magnetism.

All this being known and recalled, experiment is exactly what I cannot do at home in my kitchen. This is the reason why the work which is presented here is a pure mathematical approach. It is a hard way of going, without romantic.

Some images showing the real world

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