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You are welcome on my website and into my community if you are, like me: 

1) looking for alternative, pertinent and new links between the algebras (mathematics) and the cosmology of our universe (physics, astronomy);

2) serious open-minded researchers with a scientific background at any step of your progression (students, Bachelors, masters, PhD, post-docs, …).

Considering the set of unsolved problems in mathematics and in physics (extern links on Wikipedia-GB), the purposes of that initiative are:

  • to question and question again the foundations of the actual paradigm, 
  • to revisit the history of sciences in starting from Gauss up to actual days and, at the end,
  • to open doors that we may have missed because of the customized sociological, political and economical laws governing the human societies.

The mathematical part of this website contains three main chapters: algebra, physics and cosmology.

Last edited: 26/03/2020