The gravitational term


The universe is expanding; well, but why, and what is the mechanism explaining that? The academic literature proposes diverse scenarios.

The (© by T. PERIAT:) Theory of the (E) Question (alias TEQ) extensively studies deformations of tensor products and develops mathematical methods to decompose them.

The covariant version of the Lorentz law -although it is an imperfect description of the reality- offers a superb pedagogical opportunity illustrating the whole approach in a four-dimensional space. As everybody knows, it contains a tensor product deformed by a cube of Christoffel’s symbols of the second kind: the gravitational term.

Since the currently proposed scenarios explaining the expansion do not really convince the whole scientific community, some institutions explore alternative solutions. This is what a Danish university has recently done [01]. The results suggests that the gravitational term belong to the set of plausible actors able to explain the expansion.


[01] Consistency analysis of a dark matter velocity dependent force as an alternative to cosmological constant, arXiv :2102.07792v1 [astro-ph.CO] 15 February 2021.

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Last edited: 21/08/2021