Intrinsic method


The intrinsic method has several consequences in physics:

  • It justifies the existence of a volumetric density of electromagnetic force in Maxwell's vacuum.
  • induces the presence, in E(3, C), of E. Cartan’s spinors at the three-dimensional Euclidean limit of the theory; this fact encourages to ask which information the method is teaching us on our every-day world.

  • It allows a relatively direct confrontation between the non-trivial decomposition of (eventually deformed) angular momentums and the initial data problem for Bowen-York-Lichnerowicz black holes.

See, for the documentation, e.g.:

  • [3 + 1 Formalism and Basis of Numerical Relativity; § 8.2.6, pp. 136-139; arXiv: gr-qc/0703035v1, 06 March 2007]

and, for the consequences proposed by the theory of the (E) question, my document:

  • Einstein-Rosen Proposition in 1935 Revisited”, in the English language on

  • It gives the possibility to build Hartree-Fock like states with the kerns of any decompositions; please have a look at [ISBN_150-9] on


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Applications for the intrinsic method

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Maxwell's vacuum New

There exist eectromagnetic forces in Maxwell's vacuum and it is possible to build a new vision in cosmology incorporating the concept of strings.

Element of length

Analyzing the element of length with the results provided by the intrinsic method.
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Revisiting the Einstein-Rosen proposition

Revisiting an old proposition made by Einstein and Rosen in 1935 concerning the eventual geometric nature of particles.
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Confronting the methods

Confronting the intrinsic and the extrinsic methods with the help of Helmholtz decomposition.