Curvature tensor and deformed tensor products

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The theory studying deformed tensor products is able to propose a procedure furnishing the components of a pseudo curvature tensor.

The document:

- exposes the procedure;

- compares the properties of the components of the pseudo curvature tensor with those of the Riemann's curvature tensor;

- states that these components coincide when the second partial derivatives of the components of the (supposed symmetric) metric vanish;

- rediscover the hight connexion between these mathematical considerations and the important concept of aera metrics initiated in 1933 by E. Cartan;

- gives now a precise meaning to any non-trivial decomposition in the theory of the (E) question (see the chapter proposing methods to get them).

This document is a milestone in my progression because it makes a junction with the well-accepted works of celebrated old masters: Riemann, Christoffel and Cartan.

The next step will have to discover the situations which are uncovered by these works but may eventually have some importance for physics.

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Last edited: 15/09/2021