A new cosmology

Table of contents


All links are pointing to documents in the English version; they are either here on this website, or on vixra.org or on zenodo.org 

  1. Covariance: the origin of the concept in A. Einstein’ master work (FR).
  2. Necessary mathematical tools.
    1. Confronting E. B. Christoffel and E. Cartan works (FR).
    2. The anti-commutativity.
      1. Classification.
      2. Co-homology.
    3. Matricial derivations.
    4. Topology (FR).
    5. The Tartaglia-Cardan method (GB-FR).
    6. The curvature tensor associated with the variations of deformed tensor products.
  3. Mathematical structures (FR).
    1. C*-algebras-naïve version.
    2. C*-algebras- a deeper analysis.
    3. Where is the neutral element?
    4. Dispersion relation and involution.
    5. Propagation operators.
  4. Mathematical methods.
    1. Extrinsic method.
    2. Intrinsic method.
    3. Strategic discriminant in a four-dimensional space (FR).
  5. Applying the extrinsic method.
    1. Dispersion relation and Klein-Gordon equation (extern link - vixra.org).
    2. A. Einstein versus W. Heisenberg (GB—FR).
    3. Analyzing the new formalism of the (up, down) matrix representation of the electromagnetic field tensor.
      1. The chameleon fields (FR).
      2. Some links between electromagnetism and gravitation.
        1. Liénart-Wiechert potentials (FR).
        2. Variations of the geometry (GB).
      3. Algebraic adjoint representation (link with the propagation) (FR). 
    4. The so-called gravitational term.
    5. Curvature tensor associated with the variations of deformed tensor products (FR).
  6. Applying the intrinsic method.
    1. Element of length in the ADM formalism – The Euclidean enigma...; visit the French version of this topic.
    2. Confronting the methods in a three-dimensional context with the help of Helmholtz decomposition (extern link - vixra.org).
    3. Gravitation and type I supra-conductivity.
    4. The kerns of the decomposition as operators - link with the Tully-Fisher law (extern link - zenodo.org).
  7. Cosmology.
    1. Dispersion relation of light in vacuum and its associated surface (extern link -vixra.org).
    2. Einstein-Rosen proposition (1935) revisited (extern link - vixra.org).
    3. The role of the Hubble law (extern link - vixra.org).
    4. Maxwell vacuum  and strings (extern link - zenodo.org).
    5. Role of the Thirring-Lense effect.
    6. The origin of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle – the horizon problem (FR).
    7. The Navier-Stockes equations (FR).
    8. Lamb and Rutherford unstable vacuum (FR). 
  8. The covariant formulation of Lorentz law in electromagnetism (FR).
    1. Basics-naïve idea.
    2. A deeper analysis.
    3. Electromagnetic doubts.
    4. Scenario explaining heuristically the type II supra-conduction.
  9. The GTR-p approach.
    1. Foundations (the case p = 2).
    2. Studying the variations of the metric from a different viewpoint.
    3. The flow of time.
    4. A terrific duality.
    5. Two consequences (extern link - zenodo.org).

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