The surfaces associated with the light propagating in vacuum.

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Author: Thierry PERIAT

Tittle: The dispersion relation of light propagating in vacuum and its associated surface,

Matriculation: ISBN 978-2-36923-157-8,

Version: 2-1

Datum: October 2021,

Number of pages: 18 pages

Language: GB.

DocumentDispersion relation surfacev2 1Dispersion relation surfacev2 1 (309.6 Ko), v2, 8 October 2021 (modest correction).

1) This document explains why and how a second order surface can be associated to the dispersion relation of light propagating in vacuum.

2) It is a relooked version of the text which has been published on on the 11th of July 2021.

3) It is in some way the model for what I have sometimes called the inverse problematic accompanying the intrinsic method:

"What is the deformed and non-trivially decomposed cross product that can be associated with a given polynomial of degree two?"


Last edited: 26/11/2021