Electromagnetic fields and spinors


This document is directly inspired by a lecture of E. Cartan’s work on spinors. My exploration reveals an unexpected direct link between skew symmetric variations of the geometry and a specific family of EM-fields. E. Cartan’s work on spinors plays a crucial role in this demonstration which is proving that EM fields can emerge due to variations of the geometry or, conversely, that EM fields are equivalent to variations of the geometry.

Electromagnetic fields and spinors can be understood as the continuation of an exploration that has been started on the page formalism for the electromagnetic field tensor.

It is useful to state that the formalism can also be obtained in following another approach. You can discover it on the French part.

Characteristics of the document

Title: Does the new formalism of the EM field tensor contain a bivector à la E. Cartan?

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Publication: 17 November 2022.

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