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Algebra, physics, and (quantum) cosmology…

What a program! But, let start softly and explain some basics concerning this website with the help of a so-called frequent asked questions list.

Q.: Where does the name cosmoquant.fr come from?

A.: The long version of that story is explained in a step by step progression all along the website.

The short version of it is this name is an abbreviation for cosmology and quantum theory. I know, it sounds a little bit crazy since everybody is associating the quantum world with the atomic or sub-atomic microcosmos. Let me justify.

Well, observe a set of pictures representing spiral galaxies and focus attention on their arms. There are not an infinite number of arms but, just a few ones. Is it not strange? If one supposes that the spinning kern of the galaxy is continuously ejecting huge amount of matter into the empty regions surrounding it, one would have expected a relatively homogeneous repartition of that matter. This is not the case and the pictures clearly exhibit forms roughly resembling the waves appearing at the surface of the water when a stone falls into it.

Is this phenomenon revealing the existence of an unknown kind of interaction between the ejected matter and the empty regions surrounding the spinning kern? And is this interaction resulting in a macroscopic quantization of the repartition of the matter?

A part of my theoretical work concerns the development of a rationalistic explanation for that phenomenon. I propose a document on Zenodo.org (extern link) about that topic: “The Tully-Fisher relation as quantum-gravitational effect?”

In fact, I develop and expose my vision concerning the empty regions of our universe… my cosmology.

Q.: How do you proceed to reach that purpose? What tools are you involving?

A.: For the first part of your question, I am aware that it is extremely difficult to modify a paradigm, a consensual representation. If Galileo were still alive, he would certainly confirm this difficulty. So, to avoid misunderstanding, I do not pretend that my vision is correct. It is only a proposition, a new scenario. I hope it will be the starting point for an interesting discussion.

Fortunately, I am no more alone. I mean, if you check the article on Wikipedia (extern link, 28 August 2020) about the concept of quantum gravity, you will discover that around twenty-five propositions have been done until now and that one of them is envisaging the empty regions as a strange kind of perfect fluid. Perhaps is it the best indication that can be proposed to have a guess on what is waiting for you here.

Concerning the second part of your question, I manipulate mathematical ideas and tools, all are related to the seemingly simple concept of division. Since I want to attract the attention of a large public, I propose a from the bottom to the top approach and start in presenting my semantic, the concept itself, the tools, and the methods progressively.

At a more technical level, the answer to your question is: tensors, tensor calculus, algebras, exterior algebras, Lie algebras, deformations, …

Q.: Let say, I have read your work -at least a part of it- and I would like to start a discussion about it with you, with my friends or with my professors; can I do it?

A.: Of course, yes you can communicate with me; there is an electronic form on my website for that use. 

And you are free to study and spread the ideas (not the documents) developed here. The documents, even when they are available and downloadable, should first be peer-reviewed before any diffusion.

Even if at the end, an analyze would conclude that my vision is not complete, or not correct, my initiative would have participated to maintain a small collective brain storming. I think exactly like the French organic chemist J. Cossy (citation): “I’m not so interested in the positive results – negative results are more important because they are about solving problems” (in Chemistry world, Royal Society of Chemistry).

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