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Titre : Explaining the Tartaglia-Cardan method.

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The Tartaglia Cardan method is an old mathematical tool (16th century). It has been developed for the resolution of polynomials:

a. x3 + b. x2 + c. x + d = 0 ® x = ?

The achievement of its development became possible with the creation of the complex number i (i^2 +1 = 0).

It is also a useful tool for the construction of the toy theory called "The theory of the (E) question (TEQ)".

This affirmation can be better understood after a lecture treating the involution on vector spaces which are equipped with deformed tensor/exterior/Lie products or after a lecture exposing the construction of anticommutative operators with the main parts of the decomposition which have been obtained for these diverse deformed products.

© Thierry PERIAT.


This method is very usefull in the document "Maxwell meets Newton in vacuum

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