• Gravitation-supraconductivity-I

    This page presents a document suggesting that superconducting situations are strongly related to a phenomenon which we usually call a field of gravitation.

Personal explorations.

French version.

For now, the extrinsic method is also the starting point for diverse discussions occurring

1. either in a three-dimensional context:

  • more is coming.

2. or in a four-dimensional context:

  • A confrontation between E. B. Christoffel’s, Einstein’s and Heisenberg’s works through the covariant version of the Lorentz law: “A. Einstein versus W. Heisenberg”.
  • An interpretation of the geodesic deviation equation for “Weak gravitational fields”.
  • An analysis linking the Klein-Gordon equation with the covariant version of the Lorentz law.


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Presence of similar results in the literature.

In the scientific literature, I discovered an article (which was under the Common Creative licence at that time) titled:

“Quantum effective action for degenerate vector field theory”, (extern link - American website), 15 October 2018.

This document has been published on the 17th of October 2018 by the American Physical Society in Phys. Rev. D 98, 085014 (2018)”.

In that document, you may discover the formula (5), i.e.:

F = - G-1. H

where G represents the local non-degenerated four-dimensional metric and H is a quasi-classical Hessian.

That equation exhibits the same kind of formalism than the main part of a decomposition of the gravitational term appearing in the covariant version of the Lorentz law when:

(i) the extrinsic method is involved and

(ii) its trivial part vanishes.