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Author: Thierry PERIAT

Title: Gravitation and Supra-conduction, the co-variant version of the Lorentz law and the Meißner-Ochsenfeld effect,

Matriculation: ISBN 978-2-36923-061-8, EAN 9782369230618, 28 August 2021,

Language : English.

Number of pages: 10 pages.

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I explore what happens when the covariant version of the Lorentz law is equivalent to a Taylor's development.

By the way, I discover an unexpected link with the Meißner-Ochsenfeld.

Important advertissement:

The research concerning the superconducting devices and the diverse theories around them remains a hot and sensible topic.

This page presents a personal essay, the purpose of which being to convince the readers that superconducting situations are strongly related to a phenomenon which we usually call a field of gravitation.

Concretely, the first document concerns the superconducting devices of type I whilst the second one will concern those which can be classified as respecting the GLAG approach.

In both cases, the Lorentz-Einstein Law (LEL) appears.

But I insist once more time, the documents which I present on this website are the ones of an amateur and for your personal use only.

They don’t have the perfection of articles which are proposed by professional physicists.

Please, essentially consider the main ideas behind the diverse calculations; thanks.

© by Thierry PERIAT.


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