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Title: Einstein-Rosen Proposition (1935) Revisited.

French matriculation: ISBN 978-2-36923-114-1, EAN 9782369231141.

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Date: 12 July 2021.

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The main results.

The Bowen-York solutions for the initial data problem in general relativity have the generic formalism:

|BYX > ~ [P]. |p >


  1. p is the ADM three-dimensional classical kinetic momentum; 
  2. [P] is the main part of a non-trivial decomposition ([P], z) in M(3, R) x E(3, R) for some angular momentum which has been deformed by a specific family of matrices [A]:

|dx, x][A] > = [P].|x > + |z >

That family generates polynomial of degree at most two (the so-called “initial theorem”) of which the coefficients of degree one must be of the following type:

da(x) = -(G. m/r3). xa + ga(x), a = 1, 2, 3.

With different words : they are a modified expression of the Newtonian gravitational potential.


The French version of this document (matriculation EAN-9782369231134) is going a little bit further. A precise formalism for the modification, g, is not really imposed by the theory. It may eventually be one of the post-Newtonian propositions. The unique constraint is a strange one concerning the spatial position:

x = rot g(x)

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