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Title: The extrinsic method.

Document: Extmethod v6Extmethod v6 (351.77 Ko).

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Publication: 7 November 2020.


The extrinsic method belongs to the set of methods offering solutions by approximation to a given problem. The (E) question generates the existence of polynomial forms of degree two, whatever the dimension of the mathematical space is. This gives the opportunity to compare these forms with Taylor developments.

In opposition with the intrinsic method, that procedure brings a complete answer (in extenso a pair ([P], z) in M(D, K = R or C) x E(D, K = R or C)); in my semantic, I mean: a main part and a residual part.

Its disadvantages: the result is an approximation and the procedure itself must be counterchecked with a logical test.

In fact, the (E) question receives reasonable, complete, and coherent answers in a three-dimensional context when both methods are confronted because the confrontation realizes a calibration between both approaches: the intrinsic and the extrinsic.

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