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Title: The (E) question in a three-dimensional space; decomposing linear systems, intrinsic method and more.

Document: Isbn 084 7 intrinsic methodIsbn 084 7 intrinsic method (433.25 Ko).

French matriculation: ISBN 978-2-36923-084-7, EAN 9782369230847.

Publication: 19 February 2020.

Version: 2.

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The "intrinsic method" is a mathematical tool which has been developed to bring a part of the answer to the so-called (E) question in any three-dimensional space.

More precisely, consider a deformed cross product in E(3, K = R or C). Consider the image of that product in the dual space E*(3, K).

The question is: “How can I divide it and get a pair ([P], z) in M(3, K) x E(3, K) such that:

|[a, b][A] > = [P].|b > + |z >?”

It is a long, complicated and uncomplete procedure. A complete and coherent answer to the initial questioning is only reached after a confrontation with the extrinsic method.

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