Title: C*algebras for spaces equipped with a deformed tensor product, the question of the norm and the extrinsic method.

Author: © Thierry PERIAT.

French Matriculation: ISBN 978-2-36923-144-8, EAN 9782369231448.

Language: GB/USA.

Version: 3.

Number of pages: 8.

Publication: 15 September 2020.

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This document is a relooked version of an exploration which I started and first published in 2008 under the comic title “BS for ET”, in extenso: Banach spaces for the theory of the (E) question. It now has a French matriculation.

Keeping the gravitational term appearing in the covariant version of the Lorentz law in mind, the main topic is the construction of a C*-algebra structure for spaces equipped with a deformed tensor product.

The first step of this approach is developed in the French language: see here.

The next step imposes the construction of a norm and the choice of an involution. Technical difficulties concerning the norm have forced me to look for new roads. This is exactly the place where my so-called “extrinsic method” finds its origin, comes to the rescue, and receives its first application.

This work has been made a long time before I understood the possibility to build a link between the scalar associated with a decomposition of the covariant version of the Lorentz-Einstein Law and  E. B. Christoffel’s work on preservation of bilinear differential forms.

© Thierry PERIAT.

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