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05 February 2022

Administrative information:

  • This information concerns the domain cosmoquant.fr only.
  • Its visible part is accessible at the following Internet address:


  • It is hosted by the “SARL E-monsite” company:

19 rue Lamartine

F - 80000 Amiens



See more information concerning that company at:

FR: https://www.e-monsite.com/pages/a-propos.html

GB: https://www.emyspot.com/

D: https://www.emeineseite.de/

  • The responsible person for the contents on cosmoquant.fr is Thierry PERIAT (French citizen – living in Germany).
  • A contact is possible per post:

Am Blasiwald 36



Purpose of this website:

This website:

  • is not a commercial shop. Therefore, you will never receive solicitations from me asking you to buy documents exposed here. If you are receiving such kind of publicity, please tell me or contact the provider.

  • is proposing scientific documents focusing on specific thematic (cosmology, dispersion of light in empty regions of the universe, link with the classical theory of elastic strings, etc.)

  • is not exchanging sensible data for illegal or military purposes. If, by the way, some topics of my work are flirting with very recent research, it is just a hazard due to a natural/logical development.

  • has no attempt to develop any concurrence against professional teams.

  • Does not offer a blog for a public discussion. If you want a discussion about my work, you are welcome. In that case, just contact me directly per post.


  • What you will see is depending on your device(s) and provider(s).
  • For now, it is highly recommended to visualize this Internet presence on a classical computer.
  • I endorse no responsibility for the costs (phones, computers, Internet … subscriptions) which are necessary to surf in Internet and allow the visiting of cosmoquant.fr and of its secondary or/and subdomains.
  • You visit my Internet presence at your own technical, financial, and intellectual risks.
  • There is no guaranty for a permanent accessibility and the access may sometimes be interrupted for technical maintenance or due to legal necessities.

Copyright notice:

  • The domain and its visualisations are subjected to the French laws.

  • My scientific documents are identified with a generic French matriculation, i.e.: an ISBN number starting with 978-2-36923-…. That matriculation has been delivered by the AFNIL organization via the “Bibliothèque Nationale de France” (BNF), Paris, on the 14th of January 2013.

  • These documents can be read online or downloaded on your computer for pedagogical purposes and for a personal use only. It is highly recommended to check them with the help of an expert before any private and non-commercial diffusion.

  • The public and commercial reproduction of any part of my website (scientific documents, texts, images, links…) or of the whole website is strictly forbidden.

  • This strict interdiction does not apply to the scientific documents which are exposed on the Zenodo.org and on the Vixra.org website. Warning: for your complete information, the most recent versions of my documents are not on these extern websites.


  • No individualized survey of your visits on this website is made by me.
  • My provider gives me the possibility to follow the daily number of visitors, the number of pages that have been read and how many visits have been done since December 2019; that’s all.
  • I have no Google Analytics account.

Extern links, third parts:

  • My texts sometimes contain extern links to extern sources because I want to illustrate my dissertation. They are as clearly as possible identified.
  • These extern servers may eventually use specific cookies too. You can manage them with the indication delivered by these parties or with the parameters which are available on your personal device(s).
  • You visit all extern servers at your own risks. I endorse no responsibility for damages which would, unfortunately, occur on your devices, programs or softwares after a visit on any extern source.


  • If you want to build a hyperlink from your website to mine, please ask me for permission before to do it.

© Thierry PERIAT, 05 February 2022.

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